Outdoor Fire Pits in Elk Rapids

Sometimes the only thing you need to transform your Elk Rapids property from “lovely and straight” into “heavenly” is a beautiful and well-installed outdoor fire pit. We’re happy to offer both wood and propane fire pit designs and installations as well as ongoing maintenance services for your new or pre-existing fire pits. Call us at (231) 642-1393 today to make your dreams a reality.

Your Yard and Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Gathering around a fire is a tradition almost as old as humanity. As a species, we’ve always been drawn to the hypnotic flames and the primitive warmth of a fire. A fire can feel like the most relaxed thing in the world—but it is that way because contractors abide by strict fire safety codes.

The specific rules your fire pit needs to follow differ according to your property as well as the size and type of the fire pit you want. While propane fire pits don’t come with the risk of casting embers or sparks, there are the other complications that come from laying a gas line.

Most fire pits need to be 10 feet away from structures like your house or garage, and also need to be away from property lines that you share with neighbors. With some very rare exceptions, most fire pits require a permit to be obtained from your municipal government.

Fire pits need to be built on a fireproof base, which is why stone and brick fire pits are so popular. Wood bases can cause problems even if the actual fire is burning on a fireproof section.

Soft woods like pine and cedar may smell amazing while they’re burning, but they can spit embers more than hard woods.

Call today to find out which fire pit is best suited for you and your property!

Outdoor Fire Pits and Safety Regulations

Any open flame needs to be treated with the utmost respect. The most well-built and expertly maintained fire pit could potentially become dangerous if it isn’t properly taken care of. All fire pits built by Accurate Outdoor LLC go above and beyond the safety regulations enforced in Elk Rapids—without sacrificing quality of your experience and design.

Any fire pit installation we undertake is only done after making absolutely sure that we’re completely in accordance with local rules and regulations. It’s important to make sure that every person who’ll be near the fire pit is properly trained in how to manage their wood burning or natural gas fire pits. Our installation techs will be happy to take you and your family through the unique safety features of each of our products.

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Don’t hesitate to call us at (231) 642-1393 today to begin the process of bringing a fire pit to your home. Your family, friends, and guests will never get enough of the timeless beauty and novelty of a fire. Call us today to ask any questions you may have, or to speak to a representative about setting up an appointment for a consultation.