Outdoor Kitchens in Traverse City

Accurate Outdoor LLC offers a complete outdoor kitchen package to Traverse City. We’re ready to hear about your vision for your property and help you with every step of the process of bringing it to life. Call us today at (231) 642-1393 and before you know it, you’ll be setting your drink down on your outdoor kitchen island and marveling at what a beautiful day it truly is. Start having days that are a little more beautiful. Call today!

Your Vision––Your Outdoor Kitchen

At Accurate Outdoor LLC, we know that when you get an outdoor kitchen, what you’re really getting is the follow through on a vision. The range of possibilities for outdoor kitchens is almost limitless. What do you truly want? Is the kitchen of your dreams a rustic stone structure with creeping ivy, bringing to mind ruins in ancient English hills? Is it a warm red brick ensemble, with a cottage feel? Do you dream about a solid, elegant iron kitchen under the stars? Or maybe a super-modern, modular outdoor kitchen, which can be added on to or moved? The possibilities are truly endless!

We pride ourselves in being able to help you execute your vision, from helping you work through your initial concept, to advising you on structure materials and brand types that are cost-effective and stunning, to plotting out your property and installing your kitchen down to the final detail. Make your vision a reality with Accurate Outdoor LLC!

The True Value of an Outdoor Kitchen

The value of an investment like this can’t be measured in dollars alone—it has to be measured in experiences. When is the last time you marveled at the beauty of the outdoors? Do you have happy memories of cooking on a campfire or an outdoor barbeque? Are you ready to honor those happy memories and build on them? With one of our kitchens, you can help give this kind of memories to others, by inspiring new memories with cutting-edge technology, or triggering those old classic ones with drink coolers and a built-in BBQ or other built-in grill.

We know that the value of your home isn’t in the money, it’s in the ways it holds space for a beautiful life. An outdoor kitchen can greatly impact the market value of any home, by giving it that wow factor on a walk-through and inspiring potential renters or buyers with the possibilities.

Call Today for Your Outdoor Kitchen Installations

It’s time for your Traverse City home to get taken to the next level. Your vision can’t wait any longer, and you deserve the value it will bring to you and the people you care about. Today’s the day to start honoring what you truly deserve! We have agents waiting to set up a consultation or plan an initial meeting. Call Accurate Outdoor LLC today at (231) 642-1393 to start bringing your vision to life.